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Seniors looking to fill the empty spaces in retirement might find  beekeeping a profitable and entertaining hobby. A new club for beekeepers is forming in this area now. There are many benefits to keeping bees. Everyone of all ages can keep bees. If you have a bee sting allergy, you might want to start an ant farm instead.

The Bee Hive blog, “give bees a chance” has information on the history of beekeeping, modern methods, what flowers bees love, the anatomy of the bee and many other facts. There are also links to some other major beekeeping sites including Ten Amazing Bee Facts.

Individuals and communities could cooperate in a beekeeping enterprise. When the club starts meeting there will be a lot of information shared. The weather in Florida is ideal for bees. There is still enough garden and farm growth to sustain bees food supplies. Go to the link below to read for yourself.


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