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Posted: October 8, 2010 in Mission Statement

THE HUB is a nik-name for the mission of  2000 Shades of Gray. We offer an unlimited category of news for over 55 adults. No need to look all over for info … We will try to have it here for you.


2000 Shades of Gray is the blog of the century for 2000 through 2999 for adults, seniors, centenarians, retirees, parents and families who are interested in the process of aging in a time of continuous change and progress. With a focus on the social, economic and philosophical changes in life over 50 — who are planning to enjoy the added years of life expectancy that modern medicine and wisdom has provided.

You may find information on activities, entertainment, travel, school, communities, publications, medicine, social security, computing, social networking, marriage, hobbies, sports, safety or current issues of concern to seniors.  Included in our blog will be a copy of Senior Stuff, a publication for seniors in the DeLand, FL area published by Ron Burgher and sanctioned by the City of DeLand Senior Council.

Dr. Steve Hayman is allowing us to publish a copy of his monthly newsletter about healthy eating habits and food for health. Dr. Hayman is  a retired Chiropractor and a font of knowledge about nutrition.

Cholly Capps, world traveler and humanitarian, is working on a column that will show his talent as a philantropist, humorist, and community leader.

As an added bonus we are offering FREE classified ads to anyone. We reserve the right to edit copy to preserve community standards of decency. No social ads for meeting singles will appear at this time. Singles organizations or Parents Without Partners groups are welcome to place announcements. In most cases we will tell you before we publish your business ad. If we do, it is because we like your business.

2000 Shades of Gray is strongly in favor of animal activism and will help place adoptable pets for free. Please email info and picture to us at

Time to time we will ad hot links to favorite web sites and blogs. Keep in touch with your favorite or send us your favorite link to add.