Posted: May 1, 2011 in Legislation

Below is a recent email sent by AARP. Seniors as a voting group have great power … if we can all agree on what is best for us. Keep your eyes on every move your representatives in the state and federal government make. Don’t let them vote away your money and security.

Read the details below carefully. Remember you get to vote too … and you can take your representatives out of office — replaced with sympathetic and honorable people who are real statesmen.

Maybe few million emails to governor Rick Scott; followed up by angry phone calls, would help. What is up with our new governor? He only seems to be representing himself and tough luck to the citizens of Florida. He has already had to reverse his view on high speed rail because of heavy push back. Keep him on his toes!


Florida legislators ignore consumer concerns, deregulate phone rates

Floridians 50+ have had a tough time in the last five years – falling home values, rising property insurance, turmoil in the stock market and skyrocketing gas and prescription drug prices.

Florida lawmakers are worried – that the phone company’s not getting enough out of your wallet!

Under Senate Bill 1524, approved by the state Senate Thursday, state utilities regulators can’t stop the phone company from raising your rates for basic landline phone service anytime it wants.  The House has already approved the bill.  Now it goes to Gov. Rick Scott.

Thousands of AARP members called in to urge legislators to call a halt to unlimited phone-company rate increases.

But legislators refused to listen.

AARP Florida won’t give up.  We’re still fighting bills that would allow big electric utilities companies to raise your rates – to pay for renewable-energy facilities that haven’t even been built yet.

With your help, we can keep the pressure on.  AARP Florida will be reaching out to you in coming months to let you know how the Florida Legislature’s 2011 session will affect you, and millions of other Floridians 50+.

Meanwhile, we’d like to ask this:  Start saving your old phone bills in a file.  Pay particular attention to the bottom line.

We’ll be working to hold Florida legislators accountable for their actions.    That file may come in handy.

Meanwhile, go to www.aarp.org/fl to learn more about the Legislature and its actions.

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