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  1. Pure potentiality
  2. Law of Giving
  3. Karma
  4. Law of Least Effort
  5. Law of Intention and Desire
  6. Law of Detachment
  7. Law of Dharma or Purpose in Life


  • Don’t Retire
    Why should you retire? A better solution is to change your job or the focus of your activities. When you retire and don’t switch your attention to activities to fill your time you may fall pray to a life without purpose. An increase in obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other chronic diseases is greatly increased under these circumstances.Stay busy with a new job, a hobby, set new goals, make trips, take walks, join activity groups, do volunteer work, go back to school or find out what your community offers in the way of entertainment for elders.
  • Floss Your Teeth Every Day
    My dentist tells me that deadly bacteria can grow in the nooks and crannies of my teeth. He recommended taking antibiotics before certain procedures because of the possibility that bacteria may enter my bloodstream and damage my arteries or heart. This can cause hardening or thickening of those arteries and lead to heart disease. It is so easy to ‘just floss’ after every meal.If you are forgetful carry those little floss picks or brush pick packets in your pocket or purse. Excuse yourself to the powder room and quickly floss. Those little spools of mint flavored floss really leave your teeth feeling clean. This also removes unsightly food particles that may pack between that beautiful white teeth that you flash when you smile.
  • Move around
  • Eat a High Fiber Diet
  • Get Plenty of Sleep
  • Avoid Processed Foods
  • Develop Good Daily Habits
  • Meditate and Learn to Relax
  • Feed Your Faith
  • Stay In Touch with Friends and Family

Based on an article by Deborah Kotz Appearing in U.S. News and World Report


“The criminal is the creative artist; the detective only the critic.”  G.K. Chesterron

I have at least twelve email accounts and there are some problems with spam on all of them. What concerns me is that scamers are spotting email addresses that connect with  seniors and sending, not just spam-mail, but con-mail. That’s “con” as in con-artist or confidence crime. This shameful practice is targeted to my two email addresses that I use for email and senior blogs at a rate perhaps 500 times more frequently than other emails.

Criminals think that seniors are vulnerable because seniors are caring, considerate and sympathetic to others needs. Let this be a reminder to all seniors who use email that you should do the following:

  1. Change your password frequently (every 12 weeks)
  2. Never open email from a sender you don’t know
  3. Never reply to an email from a bank or financial institution unless you are expecting one
  4. Never open an email that says you have won a prize in a contest you didn’t enter
  5. Never open an email with a code or unreadable return address
  6. Never open an email from a foreign country (never – never – never!)
  7. Never open an email with an animation or attachment (even from a friend) unless you requested it.
  8. Never answer any email that asks for your personal information. (Even your birth date) This can be used to hack into your accounts at your bank, Facebook, or Twitter.
  9. If you start receiving this kind of spam, fight it by getting a new email address and giving it only to approved friends and associates. You can get free email service at Yahoo, Google, Bing and other reputable sites that offer a wide variety of services.
  10. Place spam filters on your email boxes.
  11. Ask your friends never to send chain letters, picture arrays, animated cartoons, or greeting cards. Tell them you must approve each of these before they send them. If they continue to send them — don’t open them. Delete them immediately.
  12. Delete all email from unknown senders without opening.
  13. Finally please recognize people who ask for money for religions on TV are ALL BUSINESS PERSONS. They are doing it to profit from your donations. God does not need money. In fact, God is the sourceof all wealth. God does not beg, God gives. You know God as well as they do. God loves you as much as he loves any of his creation. God does not long for you to sacrifice money which is useless to God. Your money only goes to support buildings, automobiles, lobster dinners, and trips to tropical paradises.Don’t let these profiteers get your email address. Make your donations at home, to your own church or charity and be blessed for your generosity.

The same due diligence should be used on Facebook and Twitter. Make sure all your security features are activated and change your passwords often. Just today I noticed I sent out a blog about seniors who have financed their homes and I received promotional emails on this subject in less than 5 minutes. The spiders that search the web are forever looking up your buying habits and even the tone of your conversations and subjects of your discussions. You have very little privacy.

If you support a cause and respond with a request or donation, every related cause on the internet will bombard you with donation requests or offers to subscribe to their own email. Be selective in your contacts and only contribute to causes or charities that YOU chose. Those requests you receive might be from a con-artist criminal with no feelings and only feed his greed. I have received scamspam from criminals pretending to be my bank, phone company, irs, and more.

Sounds scary doesn’t it?

Well, don’t gamble more than you are prepared to lose.

You told AARP you don’t need higher utilities costs. 

In a January AARP survey, eight of 10 older Floridians said rising utilities costs were a concern.

Rather than listening, Florida lawmakers plan to let the phone company raise your rates at will!  Under two bills now speeding through the Florida Legislature (Senate Bill 1524 or House Bill 1231), Florida consumers of all ages could face large increases in basic landline telephone service.

Call 1-888-222-4121 toll-free to ask your lawmaker to oppose Senate Bill 1524 or House Bill 1231.

Call now – while you can still afford to!  Big phone companies are applying heavy pressure.  Faced with rows of phone-company lobbyists, legislators in one committed voted 23-0 for these flawed bills.

The legislation would wipe away the powers of the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) to rein in phone-company rates.  Who’d decide whether your rates should go up for basic landline service?  The governor?  Lawmakers?  No . . . the phone company itself!

Only you can stop this legislation.  Call 1-888-222-4121 toll-free to discuss Senate Bill 1524 or House Bill 1231 with your legislator.

To learn more, please join us on a Tele-Townhall phone call at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, April 20.  Register for the Tele-Townhall by sending an email to by tomorrow, Friday, April 15.  Please INCLUDE YOUR PHONE NUMBER in the email.

Or go to  to send messages to your state legislator about these bad bills.  Please also pass this message along to friends and neighbors.  We need everyone’s voice!

AARP fights to keep consumers’ utilities rates fair and stable.  In 2010, working with you and millions of other Floridians, we beat back proposals to raise electric-utility rates by a whopping $1.6 billion.  Now we’re fighting phone companies – and your help is vital.  Call 1-888-222-4121 and ask your legislator to oppose Senate Bill 1524 or House Bill 1231.

Like AARP Florida on Facebook at and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter at

CarFit Coming Again!

Durch die Folie wird das Fahren meerkklichangenehmer und—-What is this? Someone sent me a copy of this very important program being sponsored by your very own Senior Council (that’s us!) and the thing is in German!
Why should I use it, when I can, instead, tell you about this  second annual event in a beautiful flyer created by retiring Council member, Nan Smith.
Do you know the minimum distance you should have between your chest and the steering wheel of your car? Do you know the best way toadjust your mirrors to reduce blind spots? Do you know there is a better way to drive than to look through the steering wheel?
Carfit is NOT about determining if you are fit to drive, but to discover how your car can be adjusted to fit you. That car you bought wasn’t designed for you, personally. The CarFit program is like having your own personal tailor to alter your new outfit that you purchased off the rack. Don’t miss this grand opportunity.
CarFit. April 22, 10-2. Sanborn Center Parking Lot. Appointments or drive-ins. For more information, call 740-6860.

Gov. Scott Reverses Gears, Calls for More Regulation and High Speed Rail

In a press release dated April 1, Governor Rick Scott appears to have turned on a dime and has demanded, at a tea party, that Florida have MORE regulation and high-speed rail. He hinted that more changes might be coming in the near future with respect to improving conditions for thousands of additional teachers, as well as significantly hiking benefits for seniors.

Hatters Off to Best Start in Years

Stetson last had a record like 20-5 back in 2001. They are now leading the Atlantic Sun Conference, and after winning a thrilling extra-inning game against then nationally ranked number 2, Florida State, the Hatters find themselves ranked as high as 20th in the polls.
The Hatters have twelve games at home this month. Try to  catch some. This is good stuff. Lady Hatters off to 14-13 start. April will bring five conference foes to the beautiful award-winning Pat Wilson Field for eleven ball games. These women are exciting!
Check the real world newspapers for dates and times for both teams.

You keep saying you want to.
Call Pat: 736-5016 or e-mail her at:

MainStreet DeLand
City of DeLand Green Affair
10:00 AM – 2:00 PM Apr 16, 2011

The City of DeLand is holding it’s annual Green Affair Event on April 16th from 10am to 2pm on West Indiana Avenue in Downtown DeLand. Features green-related vendors, live music & lectures. More info available at:

4th Fridays in Artisan Alley & DeLand  Art Walk

6:00 PM – 9:00 PM April 22, 2011 Mark your calendars to meet your friends at Artisan Alley every 4th Friday of the month! Enjoy music as well as food, drinks, arts, crafts and more for purchase. Sponsored by the Nest. Located off New York Avenue, one block west of Woodland Blvd behind the Beacon Newspaper. Free admission! 6 – 9 p.m. For more information, call Rob at 386-450-0200 or

The 4TH Friday DeLand Art Walk will have 18 venues hosting the art of Central Florida artists: Museum of Florida

Events at The Sanborn

M– AARP Tax Aid-9:30, Shuffleboard-1:30, Monday Dance 2-4, Square Dance-6
T- Walking Club-8:30,
Chorus Practice-2:30,
Ballroom Dance Lessons-6:30
It’s All About Art-9:45,
Charley Baker Bridge–12,
Chess Club-12,
12:30, Texas Hold ‘Em-
-12:45,Mexican Train
Walking Club-8:30,
Canasta-11, Scrabble-12,
Ballroom Dance Lessons-2:30
F- AARP Tax Aid-9:30,
15th Fun Trip to Winter Park,
Boat Tour and Lunch-9:30
(For more details on any of these activities, check out and click on the Senior Services Calendar, or call 740-6860)

I Can…I Shall…I Did!

Have you ever felt as if the energy in your home was tagnant, stifling and wanted to do something about it? You felt kind of stuck and didn’t know what to do.

That’s exactly what happened to me. I’d been feeling like I wanted to shift the energy in my home but was unsure how to do it. I’d had Feng Shui experts come in and show me how to move things around energetically. This usually works for awhile and then it’s time to do something again. Each time I shifted the energy in my home, I noticed lightness about the air, vitality in me and increased joy surrounding me.

I was feeling some fear around the whole energy thing and moving furniture. What if I put something in the WRONG place? Then it occurred to me that there are NO wrong places! Having a burning desire to feel a shift overcame my fear of “wrong placement” and I got busy moving, purging, and generally cleaning. I felt an immediate shift in the energy and uplift in my spirits and outlook.

Can fear be overcome with a burning desire to achieve a goal? Once I got into motion, like a locomotive, nothing could stop me!

Have you ever experienced anything similar to that? Wanting to do something but allowing fear to stop you. Become unstoppable! What if you made your motto “I can…I shall and I did”. The joy of accomplishing a task and seeing the results you desire helps to build a track record of success and make it easier to tap into your burning desire and tackle the next task fearlessly and vigorously.

Being a believer in affirmations, I said, “I can… I shall” and when I completed my task I shouted “I did”!
Inez Bracy, BS, MS, CNLP, Lifestyle Transitions Coach, Speaker, Author

April Calendar

At The Athens
Live Entertainment:

1, 2, 3, 8, 9—The Sands Theater Company Presents:
The Producers
Outrageous, hilarious, a bit risqué, off the wall, and winner of a record 12 Tony Awards. You will find yourself holding your sides with laughter as Max and Leo sing and dance their way through the greatest show biz scam that there ever was!

16—The Sands Theater Company Presents:
Being Sigsbee Scruggs
Marjorie Rawlings publishes Cross Creek. Then a woman sues her for invasion of privacy. Then comes cagey, cracker, Sigsbee Scruggs to the defense. The first such trial of its kind. Larry Sands as Zigsbee

6—Another Harvest Moon, Four seniors coping in a nursing home, meet each morning to play cards
7, 14, & 30 –The Millennium Trilogy Redux, The tattooed girl returns to The Athens
9—Tearing Down the Tent, A behind the scenes documentary of the Cole Bros. Circus
13—Barney’s Version, the guy meets the love of his life—–at his own wedding. You got that?
21-22—Peep World, What happens when a member of a seriously dysfunctional family writes a hot book about said family? That’s what this movie is about.
23—The Last Station, Tolstoy creates a religion and dumps everything; wife, title, property, sex. Kind of
29 & 30—The Promise, the making of Springsteen’s Darkness on the edge of Town
3-Rigoletto in Mantua-Verdi, as you’ve never seen before
10-Girl of the Golden West-Puccini’s take on the Wild West, with guns and stuff
24 & 26—Don Quixote-Bolshoi dancers at their absolute peak
For more information and/or reservations, call the Athens Theatre box office at 736-1500, or go online at:

AT Stetson

11—Caroline Bailey, E. & J. Gallo Winery History
13—Dr. Geoff Eley, U. of Michigan, Placing the Holocaust in History, 1960-2010


1—Student Composers Concert
3—Percussion Ensembles
5—Guitar Ensembles
9—Stetson Women’s Chorale and Stetson Men
10—Brass Ensemble
12—Jazz Combos
16—Symphonic Band
19—Choral Union &University Symphonic Orchestra
20—Jazz Ensembles
For much more information regarding Stetson events, please go to: then, find and click on “calendar of events” at the bottom of their home page.
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