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Florida’s Communities for a Lifetime initiative has earned recognition from one of the nation’s most prestigious institutions. The program was part of the first group of 173 innovative government programs selected for the new Bright Ideas program by the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

The City of DeLand Senior Council has been affiliated with Communities for a Lifetime for more than three years.

The initiative, part of the Department of Elder Affairs, works with Florida cities, towns and counties to use existing local resources and state technical assistance to plan and implement improvements that benefit seniors. A primary goal is to help seniors remain independent and age in place within their communities throughout their lifetimes.

“The Communities for a Lifetime initiative is an exciting approach to building communities for Floridians of all ages, and it’s gratifying to see the initiative attract such prestigious national recognition,” said Elder Affairs Interim Secretary Charles T. Corley.

December 1—National Call Congress Day

With the Deficit Commission set to release its proposals December 1 (Today!) you might want to call your favorite senators and tell them what you think about cutting or privatizing Social Security or Medicare.

You can do so by calling 1-866-529-7630, as part of the National Call Congress Day. Tens of thousands are participating.

When you call 1-866-529-7630, you will hear an automated voice. The voice will give you some quick suggestions on what to say during your call, and then automatically redirect you to the office of one of your United States Senators.

The Longevity Genes Project

What if you could live to be 100 and beyond? What if there were a way to age without a slow painful decline?

The Longevity Genes Project at Albert Einstein College of Medicine is studying 500 healthy folks, ages 95-112. Check it out at

DeLand Police Department

☼ Flash  E-lert ☼

For immediate attention

Chief Edward J. Overman

Attn:  Garden District neighbors

We have received complaints regarding various vandalism and trespassing.  It seems that some trespassing may have occurred when property owners were not present, or during night time hours.

We encourage you to call promptly to report suspicious activity or conspicuous crimes, including someone entering on someone’s property that is not a regular visitor.

You may call 734-1711, and that connects you with the central dispatch.  Be prepared to give a description of the person in question including race, sex, approximate age and clothing description, i.e., gray sweatshirt, blue jeans, red baseball cap.

As part of the neighborhood watch program, we want to follow-up on any action by the officers and perhaps find additional ways to address specific problems.  Please email Officer Rod Hancock at following an incident.

Florida Intergenerational Week December 5-11

In recognition of Intergenerational Week in Florida, which runs December 5-11, the Department of Elder Affairs’ Office of Volunteer and Community Services is working with other state agencies to the importance of intergenerational activities and programs in the of children and the quality of life of elders. For the past seven years, the Florida Legislature has designated an Week in Florida. Intergenerational programs and activities provide the opportunity to bridge the experience and wisdom of elders with the unbridled curiosity and energy of youth. For more information about activities and programs celebrating intergenerational relationships, contact:

ZsaZsa Ingram-Fitzpatrick

Florida Department of Elder Affairs


News from the Senior Journal

Some articles in the November issue of of significance to seniors are highlighted below. You are urged to check these out:

11/29—Deficit reduction plans seniors

11/29—Two new Fonda workout videos sure to be hot products this Christmas

11/24—High cholesterol diet may lead to AD

11/23­—Exercising to piano music may reduce falls for seniors (not Jerry Lee Lewis!)

11/18—Powerful, “knock your socks off” anti cholesterol drug introduced

11/14—New therapy beats implanted defibrillator in tests

11/9—Seniors, among the biggest opponents of Obamacare, to get big savings and benefits from it

11/8—Too many people having heart attack symptoms wait too long to go to the hospital — scary to!

Five Times Designated as “The Best MainStreet in Florida”

Five times designations as having “The Best MainStreet in Florida,” the organization has these events for you in December:

3—Merchant Open House

4—Christmas Parade

18—Santa Cruisin

Enjoy MainStreet DeLand!

Medicare Annual Enrollment Period Arrives; New Law Means
Some New Options for Seniors

It’s that time of year. To change your plans, it must be done this month. Get on it.

The majority of you should see little change to your benefits in 2011. One positive change is that more drug plans will offer coverage in the “donut hole.”

In addition, most will gain access to preventive benefits with no-out-of pocket costs consistent with the new Affordable Care Act. The Act also opens new benefits, such as free wellness visits, new free health screenings and a 50% discount on brand-name drugs for seniors who fall into the “donut hole.”

If you need help in figuring out what to do, you can call a volunteer counselor with Florida’s SHINE (Serving Health Insurance Needs of Elders). Contact the Sanborn Center and set up an appointment with a SHINE representative (740-6860)

You can also go to the Medicare Plan Finder and discover how each available plan is rated on a five-star system: This is valuable information.


Finding Bliss During the Holidays?

Many seniors between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day find exquisite enjoyment in the preparations, cooking, buying presents, singing carols and just generally spreading good cheer.

On the other hand, there are those who are not exactly Scrooge but VERY close. Like Scrooge, find no joy in any of the things people are celebrating and just wish that it would be over! the holidays for you becomes a gargantuan effort leading to stress.

This year can be different! You can choose to become more ‘ho-ho’ like and enjoy the holidays with a few easy tips.

1. Set reasonable/seasonable expectations. Organize your time and prioritize your activities. Make a list.

2. Remember the things that bring you joy. Plan activities around those enjoyable things. When planning for the entire family, give them the dates and times well in advance so that there is no confusion.

3. Do not “overfull” your calendar! Stress often comes because you’ve said ‘yes’ to too many activities. Are you joining friends for breakfast, lunch and dinner because you want to see them all? Be sure to take time for self; exercise, get plenty of sleep, eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water.

4. This is the season for giving. Don’t forget to give as well as receive.

Following these easy tips will ensure that you have blissful holidays. You can finally choose to celebrate the holidays in the way that is best for you. Does that sound selfish? Okay, perhaps it is a ‘tad bit’ selfish; however, you have the right to be blissful. The more bliss you experience, the easier it is to share joy with your loved ones.

Inez Bracy, BS, MS, CNLP, CGC, Lifestyle
Transitions Coach, Speaker, Author

Book Sale

The super monthly book sale at the Library will be held December 10 and 11, 9:30-4; 50 cents is the top price. $2 dollars a bag on Saturday afternoon! That’s a lot of Christmas!

December Calendar At The Athens

Live Entertainment: 3,4,5,9,10,11,17,18,

19—The Sands Theater Presents: A Christmas Carol

12—Holiday Pops Theater Organ Concert

Holiday Ballet:

18—The Nutcracker

26—Les Flammes De Paris


6—Breathless (In the original version, 1963, HE is French, SHE, an American. Go figure.)

9 & 30—Cairo Time (This is what you might do while waiting for your spouse in Cairo)

13  & 23—Soul Kitchen (This is what happens when you leave your brother in charge of the restaurant while you chase your girlfriend to


16  & 20—Women Without Men (While the CIA is engineering a coup in 1953 Iran, four women meet in an orchard)


5—Romeo and Juliet (Gounod)

12  19—Falstaff (Verdi)

For more information and/or reservations, call the box office at 736-1500, or go online at:

At Stetson

1-3—Juried student art exhibition, 11-4
2-4—Holiday Open House—Gillespie Museum Shop, 10-2
17—Guitar Recital—Community School of the Arts, 7 pm.

Events at The Sanborn


Senior Tennis Clinic-8:15,

Shuffleboard- 1:30,

Monday Dance 2-4,

Square Dance-6


Chorus Practice-2:30,

Pinochle- 6:30,

Ballroom Dance Lessons-6:30



It’s All About Art-9:45,

Charley Baker Bridge-12,

Chess Club-12,

Mexican Train-12:45,





Ballroom Dance Lessons-2:30


West Volusia Artists-9,

Shuffleboard Open Play-1:30

(For more details on any of these activities,

check out and click on the

Senior Services Calendar, or call 740-6860)


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